Warranties are part of a process that relate to buying and selling of material or materials. It is to give confidence in the buyer that his material or product is a valuable asset to him and his family. It is to assure the owner his selection is what he wanted. Our warranties are for that reasons. Using materials to produce our panels with a Valspar finish is a simple way of saying “we have right the first time”. If you choose to have a written warranty, please call our office for the further instructions or download the request form and fax or email to CLMS. 

Color Chart

Our selection of standard colors are available year round. We use only Valspar, the most trusted name in metal paint, so you know you’re getting the best for your project, professional or personal.

Click here to see our available Fluropon colors. Click here to see our available Crinkle Finish colors.
  • Colony Green WXG0026L
  • Cocoa Brown WXB1008L
  • Rustic Red WXR0087L
  • Timber Tan WXD0046L
  • Evergreen WXG0021L
  • Black WXA0107L
  • Desert Sand WXD0055L
  • Burnished Slate WXB1007L
  • Charcoal WXA0097L
  • Crimson Red WXR0084
  • Polar White WXW0049L
  • Ash Gray WXA0092L
  • Hawaiian Blue WXL0027L
  • Bright White WXW0050L
  • Gold WXY0341L
  • Burgundy WXR0076L
  • Gallery Blue
  • light stone-WXD0038
  • Fern Green
  • Galvalume

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