Service and scope are what make Central Louisiana Metal Supply unique. Far from just a counter sales business, the experienced team at CLMS is there to help you every step of the way. Whether your project is as big as a strip mall or as small as a backyard building, CLMS can get you from the dreaming stage all the way through construction.
Commercial, industrial, residential, or recreational, Central Louisiana Metal Supply can meet all your metal building needs with fast and quality service. Do you have a project in mind but don’t know how to get started? Where another company might ask for a list of materials, all you need with us is an idea. We can design your project, provide and deliver the materials you need, assist you with permitting and assist you in locating an installer as well. The best materials, proven brands such as Valspar and service that’s second to none ensuring that when you choose CLMS, you get a structure that lasts. 

Meet Our Team

Alexandria Store

  • Mike Bishop

    President/Sales Manager
  • Jeremy Gremillion

    Vice President
  • Earline Hebert - CLMS

    Earline chelette

  • Richard ''Todd'' Nitz

    Asst. Sales Mgr.
  • Marli Wilson

    Office Manager

  • Chris DeKeyzer

    Production Manager
  • Boli Edmonds

    Red Iron/Lumber Puller
  • John Isaac

  • Nicholas Hoke

    Break Operator
  • John Rao

    roll form operator
  • David Martinez

    CDL Truck Driver

What our clients say

  • "The "Johnny Downs Project" was a very important project here in Alexandria, La.  CLMS was there to help us with all of our metal needs. They were on site several times and dealing direct with the arctitect in making this building project a reality. Thanks guys, you have done a wonderful job."

  • "We do business with CLMS because they help you from start to finish. Thanks for the help on the metal work on my project."

  • "'Johnny on the spot service' - Joe, Earlene, and Randall are awesome, they are experienced in all phases of a metal building. 'You call, you pick up no problem.'"

    - Hardy Pippen
  • "Great family atmosphere...personal service at its best...loyality to customers...I could not ask more from a metal company."

    - Derrick - DJ Construction

Color Chart

Our selection of standard colors are available year round. We use only Valspar, the most trusted name in metal paint, so you know you’re getting the best for your project, professional or personal.

Click here to see our available Fluropon colors. Click here to see our available Crinkle Finish colors.
  • Colony Green WXG0026L
  • Cocoa Brown WXB1008L
  • Rustic Red WXR0087L
  • Timber Tan WXD0046L
  • Evergreen WXG0021L
  • Black WXA0107L
  • Desert Sand WXD0055L
  • Burnished Slate WXB1007L
  • Charcoal WXA0097L
  • Crimson Red WXR0084
  • Polar White WXW0049L
  • Ash Gray WXA0092L
  • Hawaiian Blue WXL0027L
  • Bright White WXW0050L
  • Gold WXY0341L
  • Burgundy WXR0076L
  • Gallery Blue
  • light stone-WXD0038
  • Fern Green
  • Galvalume

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